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Okinawan Steel TWO

Okinawan Steel TWO

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Before You Order

The Okinawan Steel TWO is a custom handmade knife. The pictures display the design and edge geometry of the blade and shape of the handle. While we can certainly make one exactly like the pictures, the TWO is meant to be a one-off purchase for life and we encourage you to customize it to your personal taste.

After ordering, we will contact the email address you provide during checkout to arrange any customization of the ONE. We have a selection of handle materials both natural and synthetic depending on the look you are going for with different figuring and colors. Don't worry, the price stays the same!

After we make it we let you know its on the way! Our knives are shipped freshly sharpened and oiled and completely vacuum sealed in a foam lined mailing box. Inside the box are care instructions.

About the TWO

The Okinawan Steel TWO is a Gyuto style chef's knife with a k-tip. It is designed to excel as a general purpose chef's knife with the Okinawan Steel aesthetic and functionality.

Exceptional Design

Unique to the TWO is the distal-proximal tapered blade and tang. This design puts the center of mass directly in the center of the blade to allow for intuitive indexing and an efficient lever point when pinch gripping. It feels good in the hand.

Exceptional Quality

Every TWO is made by hand, each knife is shaped, tested, and finished by human hands. Every step in the production of the Okinawan Steel TWO is quality controlled. From the precision temperature controlled kilns we use to heat treat our steel to the selection of wood we source and stabilize. Everything is produced in house so that we can stand behind our work.

Exceptional Performance

Exceptional design and exceptional quality produces exceptional performance. The Okinawan Steel TWO like the ONE will cut whatever you throw at it with ease. If you are accustomed to buying knifes at department stores you've probably never experienced the pleasure of using a well designed, sharp knife. We think the if you are looking for a general purpose traditionally sized chef's knife the TWO will put a smile on your face and look great in your kitchen. 


The TWO is made with high carbon 52100 steel. Other options are available, please ask if you are curious.

The handle material is either dyed stablized natural wood, or stablized natural wood. We also offer synthetic options like G10 and Micarta and our liners are G10.

We use hidden pins for our handles because we think it lets the handle shine. If you would like the classic 3 pins that can be arranged.

Don't worry it doesn't take long to take care of all these options!

Shipping & Returns


Shipping is done via first class USPS across the board for domestic and international orders, we'll send you tracking. You can learn more about how we ship here.


Our entire process is quality controlled, but hey, sometimes lightening strikes. Rest assured we test every blade before we ship it out, but if for some reason there is a quality issue that does not fall within the Care Instructions guidelines, don't worry, we'll take care of you.


Our knives are handmade and there is a moving turnaround time based on the volume of orders we receive. We understand unforeseen things can come up and that that cash might be just what you need. Just let us know as soon as possible and we will cancel your order and send your cash back no questions asked. You can read more about cancellations here.


The TWO is just under 12 inches long in total length from the tip to the back of the handle and just under 2 inches wide from the heel of the knife to the top of the spine and the length of the cutting edge is 7 inches.

To give you a better idea this knife sits pretty much between a paring knife and a conventional chef knife.

Care Instructions

The the TWO is a high carbon steel knife and develops its own patina over time depending on the finishes you choose for the steel. The short story is that you need to keep it dry and oil it with vegetable oil every once and a while. Here is the long story.

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